cyclic code definitions

cyclic subspace

A subspace $S$ of $V_n(F)$ is a cyclic subspace if whenever

(a_1a_2a_3a_4…a_n) \in S \text{ then } (a_na_1a_2a_3…a_n-1) \in S

In other words, $S$ is a subspace and for each vector $a \in S$, every cyclic shift of a is also in $S$.

cyclic code

A linear code $C$ is a cyclic code if $C$ is a cyclic subspace.

  1. $S={(0000)} \subseteq V_4(Z_2)$
  2. $S={(0000),(1111)} \subseteq V_4(Z_2)$
  3. $S={(0000),(1111),(1100),(0110),(0011),(1001),(1010),(0101)} \subseteq V_4(Z_2)$

cyclic code definitions
Rugal Bernstein
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November 4, 2014
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