This site

  • I am a Java Architect, Oracle/PostgreSQL/MySQL DBA.
  • This site is all about me, Rugal Bernstein.
  • Rugal Bernstein is a powerful character in KOF.
  • Trying to build Artificial Intelligence.
  • Love Java, love Javadoc.
  • Developing a Java based Oral programming robot program.
  • Not interested in front-end techniques.
  • This page credit to XYKbear.


  • Machine Learning
  • PHD
  • Build an Iron man suite
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Piano, Music
  • Love my baby
  • Live in Canada


    "Author" :
        "First name": "Rugal",
        "Family name": "Bernstein",
        "Location":"Windsor, Ontario, Canada",
        "Degree":"Master degree of Science",
        "Major":"Applied Computing",
        "University":"University of Windsor",
        "QQ" : "359788955",
        "Github" : "Rugal",
        "StackOverflow" : "Rugal",
        "Twitter" : "@ryujinwrath",
        "LinkedIn" : "Yunheng Yao",
        "Facebook" : "Rugal Bernstein",
        "Gmail" : "ryujinwrath",
        "Nature language":["Chinese","English","Italiano"],
        "Programming language":["Java","C","Bash","Clojure","Matlab"],
        "Markup language":["Latex","Markdown","HTML"],
    "Recent plan":"Java Private Tracker",
    "Blog": "https://rug.al",
    "Editor": "Vim",
    "IDE": "Netbeans",
    "Font": "HeyMono(Monaco)",
    "Interests":["Database System","Artificial Intelligence"],
    "Certificate":"Oracle Certified Professional 10G",
    "Learning":["Artificial Intellegence","Machine Learning"],
    "Motto":"Never yield to destiny!"