word   value
arrivederci   goodbye
bene   ok
bello   nice
grazie   thanks
ciao   hello
Requiescat in pace   dead in peace
excusa   excuse me
questo   this
quello   that one
vorrei   would like
per favore   please
Io   I
Il   The
conto   bill
acqua   water
naturale   natural
O   or
e   and
andare   To go
A   To
ristorante   restaurant
Qui   Here
Li   There,them
bagno   restroom
Quant’e   how much
Un   a,one
C’e   There is
presto   very quick,soon
amico   friend
buongiorno   good morning/day
buonasera   good evening
buonanotte   good night
come sta?   how are you?
come stai?   how are you?
sto bene   I am fine
prego   you are welcome
e lei?   and you?
anch’io   me too
piacere   Nice to meet you


14 September 2014