It has been a very long time that I came into such feeling: How could that be???.
Yes, You may encounter such situation that you need to invoke an application than needs Xorg or desktop support connecting from remote server, but you are just using terminal emulator such like putty, how to do that?
Well long before I realize this thing, I know Xorg is actually a C/S architecture software, the remote server is S, which provide all applications you need; your local implementation is client, such as ‘Xming’ in windows.

First of all you need to install Xming if you are using Win, do not forget to launch it.

Now configure the putty in session configuration window followed by Connection->SSH->X11, under that tab, check on enable X11 forwarding and mark the forwarding location(Which I will explain later).

If you do not know the display location, you could just by trying to launch an desktop application, say, in my situation, first I let the location blanked because I do not know its address, but checked the enable:

$ matlab
Warning: Unable to open display 'localhost:10.0'.  You will not be able to display graphics on the screen.

Or you could:


But I don’t know why I could only set this address as localhost:0.0 to make it work! Anyone could give some assistance?

How could that happen? Recalling the Xorg is C/S based, your Xming is a implementation of client of Xorg, this explained everything!
It is Magical, isn’t it? Have a good day!


16 January 2015