It is rather conveinent to use UltraEditor to edit bytecode file of Java or other binary files, but it is rather hard to achieve it in Linux on a glance, now here comes an evangel — xxd.

xxd [option] infile  [outfile]
-b  #xxd will use hex dump by default, use -b to enforce binary dump
-r  #revert dump
-i  #use C unsigned char array as output format
-u  #use upper case in HEX dump

Thus to dump the hex of a file, just use
xxd filename

This command also could be invoked in VIM enable it to be a hex editor:

  1. First open a file in binary mode with vim -b filename, or there will have a 0x0a append.
  2. in command mode type %!xxd to dump the whole file into HEX, the same as xxd command in shell.


07 May 2014