It might be confusing to tell Forward Proxy Reverse Proxy transparent proxy, let me clarify these:

forward proxy

This kind of proxy is used manually by user or software itself, which means user or software itself aware the existance of proxy
For instance, goagent is a breaking GFW proxy that used in chrome and firefox, while configure with goagent.
you need to specify the address and port of it, instruct browser to use proxy manually in this way.
then browser will send request or receive response from this configuration. which named forward

reverse proxy

In this proxy, client do not aware the existance of proxy, but this proxy is configured by developer or system administrator.
When client visit a web page using browser, this request will be sent to proxy host even with identical URL.
Then this request will be dealt by proxy and it might be deliver to the real host or not determined by program logic.
For example:
I can configure domain name on my DNS server provider and point to (VPS),
and in dealing logic, I will pass this request to for real delivery
At the view of client or browser, it seems like got this whole site from
but actually, it is only I know that my real blog site and stored place is
In addition, the url on browser will not change if use this proxy

transparent proxy

Very similar to reverse proxy, the transparent proxy working without the notification of final user.
It is configured by network administrator for upgrading network security in some Companies.
http request are delivered normally through network, but in some network auditing facilities, they will check validation of request.
But differentiate with reverse proxy, this kind of proxy will filter all requests rather than configured some.


11 December 2013