A record

A record means mapping with a ip address which binded with a host
This record is elementary configuration for http request

NS record

NS record is to let another nameserver to resolve this domain name
used for DNS resolvation only.


MX is used when a client send a email which contain XXX@name.com, then it will search the name.com in MX record to identify which host it resolve to .
used for mail address resolvation only.


CNAME just like a nick name for a already defined A record host.
using CNAME can enhance resolve capability while pointing to identical host.
for instance: there is a define A record rugal.ml, and I want to make www.rugal.ml as well as blog.rugal.ml point to the host.
as I can achieve it by making double CNAME record which point to the rugal.ml.


TXT have no other usefulness but to tell client about comments on of a named site


16 November 2013