I have found my Vim always wrap my line while I am doing my coding procedure, it is really uncosy behavior when I want to fix the format of what it looks like.
Here is the solution:
set textwidth=n or set tw=n to set the width of text to trigger wrap.
Also, you could disable this funcionality with set textwidth=0

apply line wrap in specific line

Bring the cursor at the beginning of the text you want to format and type gq and press $ to format a large line.
vim will wrap it automatically at your assigned textwidth.
This option may be useful in some situations, but probably is not what you are looking for.

hard and soft wrap

The above methods will do a “hard” wrap of your text, by inserting newline characters. An alternative method is a “soft” wrap which does not change the text but simply displays it on multiple lines.
This can be achieved with:
set wrap linebreak nolist
Note that this may lead to a bunch of screen lines being taken up by only a single “real” line, so commands like j and k which move on real lines will skip over a lot of screen lines. You can use gj and gk to move by screen lines.


13 November 2013