Sometimes we might not want to debug the purge character page on a huge browser, then w3m is a good substitution for that!

c:   show current URL
v:   show source code in current page
q:   exit
s:   go back to buffered history page
r:   show w3m version
u:   show current tag's attributes
o:   open option panel
a:   download the page which point at

T:   copy current page in a new tag
R:   refresh current page
U:   type in new url
S:   save buffer
H:   help duc
L:   list link in current page
V:   load local file
B:   go back

ctrl-q:   close current page
ctrl-g:   view current line the character-set
ctrl-h:   view history
ctrl-k:   view cookies

w,W,o,O,gg,G,h,j,k,l...:   behave like in vim


03 November 2013