1. Install JDK into your linux.

  2. Download eclim.jar in your home path for convenient, for me, it is /home/rugal/eclim.2.2.6.jar

  3. To configure headless or no GUI eclipse server, you have to use xvfb to imitate GUI.
    $ sudo apt-get install xvfb build-essential

  4. Download and extract eclipse into your favourate path, just standard eclipse can also meet requirements, as for me I extracted eclipse to /usr/local, hence the elipse home path is /usr/local/eclipse

  5. Our next step is to install the eclim with headless environment:

    $java -Dvim.files=$PATH_OF_.VIM_FOLDER   
          -jar $PATH_OF_eclim.jar install  
  6. After got your eclim installed in eclipse home path, now your eclim can control eclipse as server, what we do next is to start the imitated GUI up:
    $ Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1024x768x24 & ; DISPLAY=:1 $PATH_OF_ECLIPSE/eclimd start

  7. The procedures above have already successfully deployed all the eclim server on your system, and started the headless server up, now let try eclipse in vim with maven on:
    1. cd into the root position of your maven project where pom.xml is.
    2. generate eclipse’s classpath file in this directory with mvn eclipse:eclipse
    3. open your pom.xml file with vim, then type :MvnRepo in vim to set the correct local maven repository into this project with maven
    4. execute :ProjectImport . in vim to import current project into eclipse.
  8. Enjoy eclipse integrated with maven programming in Vim


02 November 2013