I met Princess at around march in 2013, it’s spring.
I notice this girl was sitting on a bench in JianXing of my university. I never brave enough to actively talk to foreign people before, it’s a nice attemptation.

Her name is Princess, actually I still do not know her real English name.
Seems she did not want me to know it.

We became pretty good friend!
We go to supermarket to buy some stuff for her to use, I introduced what kind of thing that are not good in China.
Actually, good stuffs in China rather uncommon.
After all, it’s China.

I helped her to shopping online in TB, quite fashion right?
At least Princess was very happy!
It’s so good to let a foreign people feel like at home.
How I wish I could have a friend like me if I arrive Canada.

We learnt a lot of history and political stories of different continents from each other.
This might due to the reason that there is no other people to depict a world that is totally disparate with current one.
I appreciate this experience.

I will remember this black girl, who told me what outer world feels like.
Who told me how a foreign student felt in a strange country that language almost unable to express your thought.
Who shown me what impression chinese people leave in their mind.
Who let me know how foreign man thinking while they are chasing a chinese girl.
Those all broaden my horizen.

Thanks to Princess, accompanied me at my most arduous time. Makes me believe tomorrow will better than today.
Princess back to her hometown in July 2013, I never met her since then.

Princess reviewed my PS last year, the PS that you reviewed is perfect!

Hello Princess:
    It has been a very long time since I contact with you last time. How is everything going?
    I already got an offer from a notable university and I might have scholarship. Thanks for you assistance in my PS.
    I appreciate it as witness of our friendship.
    Wish you all good and achieve what you want!
    Wish we could meet again in this life!
Best regard!


27 February 2014