I told myself that I do not like javascript, actually it is just a joke, you never know when there is a requirement to use it.
Honestly, Javascript is very powerful. Now, I learn JS not for further deeping, but for slightly using its async-functionality in AJAX.

load JS in html

<script src="js/jquery.js"></script>

it’s alright to put it in any position for my level of JS. Actually I hear about the position and sequence of loading JS will have some influence on rendering performance and some logic.

Navigating through HTML is a tough work, but a JS library called jQuery could achieve this without too much burden.

var rows = $("tr", "#bodystart");
//Matching tag by id:bodystart first, then filter all <tr> tag inside this context
for (var i = 0; i < rows.length; i++)
    //matching a input tag with specified attribute. Using single row as context.
    if (!$("input[type='checkbox']", rows[i])[0].checked)

The context means searching action will happen only in given scope, which shrink our filter base and easier for targeting a specified tag.

Well I do not want to further into this, Javascript code is bullshit. It just makes JS developer feel like achieving great compare with C/C++/Java developer whose work are not directly revealed.
But actually it’s not that much, please be modest JS developers.
I’d rather pay more attention on C, Java.


25 February 2014