It has been disturbing me for a very long time that how Java byte-code are executed and the organization of heap/stack in JVM:
Now I have a tutorial over steps towards JVM Internals
Today I will introduce the code dissamble tool: javap, which could be great helpfull when dive into JVM

javap  [options]  [classes]
-v          #to print additional information
-l          #print line number and local variable tables
-c          #dissamble method code as opcode
-s          #print internal type signatures
-private -p #print all level of fields and methods
-package    #print package/protected/public classes and methods
-protected  #print protected/public classes and members
-public     #print public classes and members only
-sysinfo    #print system information
-constants  #print static final constants

In default, -public will be set.
So, if you want to print all information of a .class file, you need to execute:
javap -v -s -p name.class


11 January 2014